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Why The Password Manager Extension is a Must-Have App for Chrome

Why The Password Manager Extension is a Must-Have App for Chrome

Why The Password Manager Extension is a Must-Have App for Chrome

Cyclonis Password Manager offers users the option to install a browser extension, which handles your different passwords across all your online accounts. Each time you visit a website with an empty login and password field the Cyclonis Password Manager will offer to save your credentials, and if you let it, the Password Manager will auto-fill the fields if you want it to on its own. Cyclonis Password Manager lets you switch between different accounts and their passwords on every website with ease. The CPM extension will also keep track of password changes and offer to update the store passwords automatically.

The browser extension is available for all popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Opera. The Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension works with the desktop app to auto-log you into your preferred sites. CMP will even automatically fill in long and boring online forms for you.

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By adding Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension to your Chrome, Firefox and Safari, CPM can assist you by automatically generating strong passwords and save them in your encrypted vault when you are creating new website logins. Its forms auto-filling function lets you spend less time to manually type, copy and paste passwords. The Cyclonis Password Manager tab adds full access to all the online info stored in your private vault, directly from your supported browser. You can use the search function to quickly and easily locate the website you want to visit, navigate to it, and fill-in your stored username and password with just a few click. The powerful password generator tab will help you create longer and more complex passwords, without even thinking about it.

Note: you need to have the desktop version of CMP to use the browser extensions.

The browser extension is compatible with the following browser versions:

Google Chrome 46 or newer

Mozilla Firefox 48 or newer

Safari 7.1 or newer

Opera 40 or newer

Microsoft Edge 14 or newer

You can download the one you need after you install Cyclonis Password Manager application. Go to Settings>Browser tab and install the extension of the browser on your computer.

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