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Why and how do you change and reset Wireless Router's Password

Why and how do you change and reset Wireless Router's Password

Why and how do you change and reset Wireless Router's Password


Everyone should know that it is the Wireless broadband routers that allow administrators to manage home network through entering the username and password of wireless default router. You can complete access to the device's features and get information about any devices that are connected to it when you log in to the wireless default router. Due to the usernames and passwords of most of popular models of wireless network gear are well-known to hackers and individuals can find out on the internet, if your wireless routers default lacks of password or the password is too easy, any attacker or individual who comes get the signal range of the router can easily log in to your wireless router. What`s more, they can change the password to each one they choose and shut down the router, effectively hijacking the network. 

That is why you need to pay attention to your wireless router password. If you wonder how to change wireless router default password, this article will be a very good guide.  

How to change wireless router's password

Below are several popular Wireless default routes, I will take changing Linksys password for an example. Remember that different wireless routers such as Linksys, DLink, Apple, ASUS, Buffalo, Netgear have different step details in changing Wireless router password, but the general steps and turnings are similar.  

Step 1: Log into the router's administrator console with correct username and password. For Linksys, enter the web address:

In addition, here are some web addresses of some popular Wireless router:

Linksys - or

DLink - or

Apple -


Buffalo -

Netgear - or

Step 2: Enter "admin" or the equivalent password for your router In the password field. Then a picture below will show up.


Step3: Find where you can change password setting then click Administration/security section. 

For Linksys, click the Administration button.


Step 4: Enter a new password in the Password box, then re-enter it again. 


Step 5. Confirm your change on the router, tap“Save Settings button". It is not required for you to reboot the router.


Now you have already known how to change and reset Wireless Router's Password. Do remember, changing WiFi password such as password is different from changing Wireless Router`s password. If you need to change WiFi password, take change the wireless network password for reference. 

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