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What is the Best Way to Create Strong Passwords in Chrome?

What is the Best Way to Create Strong Passwords in Chrome?

What is the Best Way to Create Strong Passwords in Chrome?

Complexity is considered the most important aspect of a strong password. A seemingly random collection of numbers, letters (both upper and lower case), and symbols look like the best protection against hackers. Malware using dictionary-style attacks cannot brute force its way into your bank account with such a combination of random characters. This is approach has its flaws, however. First of all, it's not easy to think up of such disjointed words or word combinations. Our minds tend to gravitate towards real words rather than jumbles of letters, numbers, and symbols. Second, it's much harder to remember those random jumbles, and because of that many users write them down, which is a massive security risk in itself.

How can I generate a random password that's both complex and easy to remember?

Google Chrome has a function that can create random, complex, and most importantly secure passwords whenever you come across into an empty password field online, like when you're making a new profile on Facebook or Twitter, for example. Handy, right? If you're wondering why you don't know about it's simple, the feature is still in development, but it can be accessed.

To enable the password generator you must log into your Google account before you do anything else. To sign in open your Google Chrome, type "chrome://settings" in the address field and hit "Enter". Afterward, look for "Settings", and you'll find an option that says "Sign in to Chrome". Next step is to make sure that the Password feature is enabled. If the box is not checked, then move on. This action lets Google Chrome synchronize the passwords that you generate across all your accounts. After you're done here type "chrome://flags" in the address bar and hit "Enter". You will see that the settings are set to "default". Bring up the drop-down menu to change them to "enabled". Once you're done with this step you'll have to look down and hit the "Relaunch Now" button. With that step, you're pretty much finished.

From now on whenever you come across an empty password field on a website, while using Google Chrome, the browser will automatically think of ideas for random passwords as a drop-down menu option. You can simply pick the randomly generated passwords you like instead of trying to come up with hard to guess and even harder to remember passwords from now on. I would like to remind readers that the flag features are still in development and may not be 100% optimized or functional for some users.

Therefore, to better generate, store and organize the random, long passwords, use a password manager is a smarter way. They keep your passwords be unhackable in their own encrypted vault. Here is a list of recommended password managers for you. Pick and install the best suitable one to keep your online website accounts, passwords and other personal information safe.

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