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What can I do if I forget my Login Password in Gmail?

What can I do if I forget my Login Password in Gmail?

What can I do if I forget my Login Password in Gmail?

Getting back a user’s a forgotten Gmail login password is now easier than it has ever been. Google’s systems are designed in such a way to ensure that the chances of users getting locked out of their accounts are practically nonexistent.


Firstly, Gmail is set up to keep a log of all of its users’ passwords. In case a user being unable to log into their account, the first go-to option that Google’s system gives them is for the user to try an old password and get access to their account that way. This effectively means that if the user remembers any former password that they may have used once, said the user can attempt to log into their account using that old password.


In case the user can’t remember any old passwords, Gmail has another failsafe for forgetful users. A user can easily verify their identity and receive a code, sent via SMS or a phone call, whose input unlocks their account and grants them access to the said account so that they can set it straight. This is very useful, as providing a phone number so that the user can be contacted by Google in similar circumstances has been a necessary step for creating a Gmail account for a while now. If the user can’t remember a past password, the option to receive a verification code that unlocks their account via SMS or by an automated phone call is certainly invaluable.


Users that don’t wish to proceed with the phone call or SMS verification code option are not left out in the cold, though. Providing a valid alternative email is also an unavoidable step that the user has to take when creating a Gmail account, which means that should say user forget their password – they need only to request that a replacement password is sent to the alternative email that the user has provided. Once the user has an access to that replacement password, the user can easily recover access to their account.


And that’s not even the last option open to forgetful users. In an effort to increase their options, Google has provided users that don’t wish to or can’t use one of the previous methods with another method to reclaim access to their account - by inputting the approximate date on which the account was created, down to the month. This means that if the user has even the vaguest recollection of when their Gmail account was created, or for instance, can ask another user who had been in touch with them at the time for the approximate date, the chance of any user getting locked out of their own account is negligible.


Tips: If you still find it tough and it is still testing your memory, then a password manager is a must-to-have, which helps store and administer website login accounts and passwords. You really should pick and install a suitable password manager for your own.  Read the reviews on the Internet to help you choose the best one.


By now it should be obvious that under normal circumstances, recovering a user’s Gmail password should not be a problem. That is, of course, provided that the user went through the steps and provided the necessary information when they created that specific user account. Still, even if the user did not provide either a phone number, a valid email address and can’t seem to be able to remember a previous password, said the user can still try to recover their account based on the approximate date of its creation.


Furthermore, even if all of the abovementioned methods fail, there’s always the option for the user to contact Google directly, and try and provide the company with reasonable evidence that the account in question actually belongs to them. By and large, Google employees are helpful and expeditious, which means that this method of recovering a user’s Gmail password should not be completely disregarded, either.

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