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The Best Microsoft Password Generators

The Best Microsoft Password Generators

The Best Microsoft Password Generators

Microsoft account is more important than ever now. You can use it for all Microsoft services from Outlook to Skype to Windows PC/Phone. It is necessary for you to have a strong password for Microsoft account to protect your personal privacy, to prevent password frome being hacked. Here you will know 3 common password generators to make a strong password for Microsoft account. Just start to know how to make a strong password to protect our significant information.

Advanced Password Generator

This is the Best Password Manager App for Microsoft account. You can find this Best Free Password Manager in Microsoft Windows 10 app store. It is a professional password application that helps you generate very strong password. You can set up the password length as you like, or to make it random. You can choose to make upper case characters, lower case characters, numeric characters, and special characters, custom characters on or off. The app will generate the random password based on your setting. Finally, you can click the "Copy password" button to register account.


Online Password Generator

The second type of password generator is online password generator,Secure Password Generator and Strong Password Generator are 2 examples. You are able to figure out both of them on the Internet. Fot both of them have the features of online, if you are off the network, you will miss the them. These websites can offer some definitions about your password. For password creation , you can set up your password options on the right side, including length, phonetic words, punctuation, similar characters. You can check them and then click the "Save these options" button. Finally, your new password will appear in the textbox after you hit the "Generate password" button.


Roboform/LastPass Password Generator

Both of Roboform and LastPass password generator are the password managers. The generator is one of their functions. When using password manager, you don't have to remember any password. If you need to login a website, just click the "Fill and submit" button and then the password manager will automatically fill in the blanks. In this situation, the password is defined by you, and once your password is week, you may lose the account. Therefore, there is also a password generator in Password Safe App.

Take LastPass password generator as an example. You can use it to generate password from its official website. In the Details textbox, you just need to set up password length and password formula. Then choosing the character types, make pronounceable, type the minimum numeric characters and avoid ambiguous characters.


At last, to click the read "Generate" button, you will instantly get a unique, secure password for each of those sites.


Sometimes, a strong password is able to make sure our password is safe and to reduce the risk of password theft. However, the truth is we always forget our password. If you unfortunately forgot your Microsoft account password, we recommend the SmartKey learn tool- to help you recover Microsoft account password for Windows 10/8.1/8 login.

Download the free  Windows Password Recovery software to recover the forgotten Windows password.


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