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Passwordmanagers.net is one of the software affiliate sites of Neptune Media International, a global software distribution and publishing company based in Hong Kong, with operations and partners worldwide. We provide software vendors and online games vendors with superior access to retail, online, and OEM customers, which they would otherwise be unable to reach, allowing them to expand the market for their product exponentially. In addition to distribution, Neptune Media International offers comprehensive product-development services ranging from tailored marketing material to localized sales assistance for target markets and front-end customer service.

Drawing on multi-national competencies and an expansive network of contacts, Neptune Media International provides services on a global scale, bridging the gap between East and West. Especially between Asia and European. Our international market orientation allows us to capitalize on potential global business opportunities. We pride ourselves on having served high-profile customers producing top-quality software titles from Asia for U.S., European, and Japanese markets and vice versa. We offer superior, reliable service and are eager to forge new partnerships to continue offering outstanding software solutions to markets the world over.

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