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Top 5 Password Managers for Windows of 2018


If you work most time online like me, (and look, you are online now!), you probably have over 100 or more accounts for all the products and services you use, and various websites you visit on all your Internet-connected devices. It’s too difficult to generate and remember a dozen, even more than 100 different and complicated passwords. And most of us are using birthday as passwords and reusing passwords on different sites, which is very risky. Because the hackers can easily follow the simple and reused passwords to crack and take control of our online website accounts, like email, social media and credit-card accounts.

To keep our online website accounts and other personal information safe, the security experts suggest us to use unique and strong password for each site. And the most secure passwords are usually combined with upper and lower case, numbers and special characters at the length of 8-16 units. And the fast and most secure way for us to store and manage our passwords is to use password managers.

Here I pull together all the information of the top 5 passwords managers, like Cyclonis Password Managers, LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password and Kaspersky Password Manager. They are the ones I recommend you try. Some of them are free password managers, and some of them require a payment. You can pick one by one to test and choose the one match your needs.

What Is Password Manager?

Password Managers are software applications that help you generate, store and automatically form-fill all your website login accounts and passwords. They keep your passwords be unhackable in their own vault. In addition to that, they can protect all your vulnerable online information like PINs, passport and credit-card numbers, as well as the security notes such as the answers to your security questions. What you need to do to enjoy all the security, just to remember the only one password – the master password to unlock the password vault.

How I Picked and Tested?

A variety of passwords managers are available out there, but some of them are good and reliable; some are not—they might be the tricks to force you to buy full licenses or collect your personal information.

So, how do you tell a solid option that you would prefer? For this, I looked for the password managers that do their jobs as efficiently as possible without being intrusive or annoying. For example, they should work smoothly, securely and powerfully to store and auto-fill website login information, as well as to generate strong passwords. All these things can be easy to control and done fast by us without thinking exceeding 3 seconds. And the best password managers must be ads-clean, in which there are no unwanted pop-ups to attract or redirect us to the third places online.

I have downloaded and tested more than 15 password managers on my 6 Windows PCs and sorted out the 5 best password managers for Windows. They are Cyclonis Password Managers, LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password and Kaspersky Password Manager. All of them play good performance in password management, security, form auto-fill, database storage and syncing.

All Features Comparison Chart

Cyclonis Password Manager




FREE $39.95 $24 $35.88 $19.99
Website Website Website Website Website
Overall ratings 9.2/10 9.0/10 8.7/10 7.1/10 6.8/10
Password Management
Password Capture -
Password Import/Export
Automated login
Password Strength Report -
Password Generation
Two-factor Authentication - -
Secure Notes
Form Fill
Fill Web Forms
Multiple Form-Filling Identities/Payment Info
Data storage & Syncing
Data storage location Local, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Local, Personal cloud vault Local, Personal cloud vault Local, Personal cloud vault, Dropbox Local, Personal cloud vault
Syncing between devices Free Cloud-based Paid
Local Wi-Fi Sync, Cloud-based
Secure Password Sharing - -
Review Cyclonis Password Manager Dashlane LastPass 1password Kaspersky PM

Top 5 Password Managers

1Cyclonis Password Manager

Cyclonis Password Manager is a free password management solution to store and sync all your website login information on all your devices, like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive securely. In addition to saving your password database, it helps you save and manage your online personal information such as ID card, passport, answers to your security questions and payment information like credit card numbers. It encrypts your passwords in your own vault through secure 256-bit AES and you just need to remember the only one password – the master password to open the vault. As the database is end-to-end encrypted by design, there is nobody else, neither the Cyclonis’ staff and servers can access it.

By adding Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension to your Chrome, Firefox and Safari, it assists you automatically generate strong passwords and save them in your encrypted vault when you are creating new website logins. It’s form auto-filling function lets you spend less time to manually type, copy and paste passwords.

Overall rating: 9.2 / 10
Entirely Free browser extension and desktop application
Auto form-fill with identity & payment details
Actionable password analyzer report Multiple cloud storage options including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud.
Web extension could not be used without downloading desktop app


Dashlane, a strong competitor of LastPass, also provides one master password to rule all—create strong passwords for you, save them, and autofill Web-forms with personal information. The best part of Dashlane is that it's automatic password changer can change your accounts' passwords for you without having to deal with it yourself. Dashlane also embraces a digital wallet that stores your bank account information for easy shopping.

You’re able to use Dashlane for free on a single device. If you want to sync your passwords across your smartphone, desktop, and so on, you have to pay around $40 a year.

Overall rating: 9.0 / 10
Automatic Password Changer
Standalone browser extension
Online shopping receipts catcher
Password analyzer report
Limited support for Internet Explorer
Strong limitation on free version


LastPass is one of the best incredibly powerful password management solutions that encrypts your personal info and accounts' passwords with AES-256 bit encryption and offers two-factor authentication to ensure only you can log into your password vault.

The free version of LastPass is web-based. If you don’t mind paying $24 annually, you can upgrade to LastPass Premium, which enables you to use LastPass with desktop applications and website extension, allows you access to 1GB of encrypted file storage and secure password sharing.

Overall rating: 8.7 / 10
Easy-to-understand Vault Tour and clear interface logics
Auto form-fill with identity & payment details
New complicated personal data types
Some of its features are a bit dated and redundant


1Password analyzes your passwords, creates strong passwords for you to choose every time you want it changed. Through 1Passowrd, you can save your private notes and security answers and keep them untouchable by the other ones, and save your payment accounts in the digital wallets.

Yet, it’s frustrating that it wouldn’t keep me logged in, so I had to constantly log in with my master password throughout the day; different from two-authentication of other password managers, 1Password employs Secret Key as security feature, which is a random string of characters generated and saved in the emergency kit when you created 1Password account in the first place. In my personal view, it is not as safe as two- or multi-authentication that could be visible to anyone that might open the PDF file.

Overall rating: 7.1 / 10
Highly customizable individual vaults
Extensions for most browsers
Wi-Fi syncing across devices
Asks to save a password that's already been saved
It’s not free

5Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Lab, one of the most trusted names in online security now has its own password manager. Kaspersky Password Manager comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface and takes less than a minute to download and install on your PC.

I start using Kaspersky Password Manager without paying anything and I can save 15 passwords and one form-filling identity, which seems stingy compared to the LastPass free version. Kaspersky Password Manager has all the basics of password management features and syncs across all your devices. However, neither its paid version nor free version can match the rich feature set of the best competing products mentioned above.

Overall rating: 6.8 / 10
Saves application passwords and secure notes
Clear, easy-to-understand interface
No automatic fill-in of application passwords
No two-factor authentication
No secure sharing of logins


Posted by Renee on Jan 31, 2018
Renee is a real-life girl wearing nerd heart on her sleeve. She is passionate about the computer security software since the university period. By her love to test the password managers on various devices with her technical knowledge, her articles are helpful to us to pick the suitable applications to serve our online life.

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