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Remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1


OneDrive is previously called SkyDrive, which is a storage coming with Windows. When you log in Windows 8.1 with Microsoft account, you may choose the PC settings, apps, data to sync on OneDrive. When you sign in to the different devices with the same Microsoft account, all of your data will be also synced automatically with Microsoft servers.

Similar to the Windows, when you turn on sync settings on your PC, you can also be able to turn on the individual settings to sync between your PCs: start screen, appearance, desktop personalization, installed apps, app settings, web browser, passwords, language preferences, ease of access, other Windows settings, back up settings.

However, sometimes you may not hope to sync your information in every one device you have used, especially the public Windows computer. In this situation, OneDrive sync settings can help you remove synced data from OneDrive/SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 .Here we will talk about how to remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows8.1.

Step1: You need to turn Off Sync Setting

Firstly, you need to turn off sync setting in Windows 8.1.

1. Go to Settings > Change PC Settings > Choose SkyDrive.

2. Click Sync settings option. In the right pane scroll down and change the OneDrive syncing options to your other Windows 8.1 devices.


Step2: Remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1

Even if you have turned off syncing data from OneDrive, all the backed up data is still in the Microsoft data cloud. Follow the routes below to remove synced data from OneDrive in Windows 8.1.

1.Go to Windows 8 Personal Settings Privacy page.


2.The information of How to turn off syncing on each Windows 8.1 PC will show up, which have been introduced as above. Now, tap Remove button . You need to confirm you want to remove the the system and app settings from cloud.


3. Choose the one you want to delete and confirm it


After finishing all of these three steps above, you have removed OneDrive sync data in Windows 8.1 completely.  For more about Windows 8 security, you can refer to Windows Password Recovery.

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