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Best iPhone Password Manager App

Best iPhone Password Manager App

Best iPhone Password Manager App

App Store is launched in 2008 by Apple, which makes iOS users to discover, download and enjoy a great number of amazing apps in a simple way. If you want to enjoy the App store, you`d better have a username and password to sign in. However, sometimes it's not that easy to all remember for everyone of us. If you are the one that feel hard to remember password, you might need the best iOS password keeper app-iTunes Password Backup Software to recover your lost iTunes password. What`s more, RoboForm is what I am going to share with you, which is the best iPhone Password Manager App.


As the top-rated Password Manager App for iPhone free, it has a simplified interface and aims to manage your passwords. Unlike a few other password managers, RoboForm integrates with the browers you use once it's installed. And it will automatically save new login information while you login to websites. 

How does RoboForm work on iPhone? How to use RoboForm with Safari? 

Step 1. After installing it from App Store, you need to create a RoboForm master password or pin code, then go to Safari > Action > More to turn it on , then you'll see the RoboForm toolbar appearing within Safari.

Then you can easily search for saved logins and use them in the built-in browser. It's also worth mentioning that it's very practical if you are using a website that requires several steps to login and authenticate.

What if RoboForm Toolbar Missing in Safari?

Now that you know how to use RoboForm with Safari on iPhone, you can try it. However, users always encounter problems no matter how good the product is. In the Apple communities, some people post the questions like Roboform extension not available in Safari, how to recover the Roboform toolbar. When it comes to the solution, here are some tips that you can try:

1. Update the password manager app to the latest version.

2. Go to Safari > Action > More and make sure if you have enabled RoboForm.

3. Click on Roboform icon and go to settings to double check.

How to fix if Roboform iPhone App Won't Sync?

This best password keeper app for iPhone allows you to synchronize your RoboForm data with multiple computers and mobile devices after you have saved them to your account. The functionality does bring us a lot of convenience. But according to the feedback, some users are disturbed by the Roboform iPhone not syncing issue or app sync error. This might happen especially after they updated the latest iOS system. In this case, you can do the steps below:

1. Delete the RoboForm app, restart your device, and reinstall the app.

2. Make sure RoboForm is the lastest version.

3. If you still have Roboform sync problems with iPhone, maybe it's time to contact their support team.

What to do at utmost to Protect Our Important Passwords?

Apart from making your passwords well managed, you might also be interested in another kind of tools in case that you lost or forget some important passwords. The app world is so powerful that you can use the password recovery tool to recover them. Password Manager App is a powerful 22-in-1 tool, which can help you recover Windows password, email password, Ms Office password and so on. Getting the Best Password Manager App, you are having double insurance for your important passwords.

Anyway, the most important thing to use this kind of iPhone password manager is, I believe you've already got it, DO NOT forget the Master Password.

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