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How to Use Cyclonis Password Analyzer for Password Management

How to Use Cyclonis Password Analyzer for Password Management

How to Use Cyclonis Password Analyzer for Password Management

We at Cyclonis have conducted a high number of studies, which show that a high number of users lean towards reusing their passwords instead of coming up with new ones. This is understandable, of course. It's hard to keep track of all of your passwords and all the upper and lower case letter, numbers, symbols, etc they use. According to multiple studies some of the most used passwords in the is "123456", another equally predictable one is "Password". You may not even realize it, but the length and complexity of your passwords can have a strong effect on not just your online life, but your real one as well. Imagine if someone were to crack your bank accounts or PayPal passwords.


That's why Cyclonis has developed a powerful, new and free Password Manager to help you keep your online accounts safe. Cyclonis Password Manager (CPM)'s Password Analyzer feature can help you come up with more complex passwords with ease. By employing a series of complex algorithms and taking into account multiple variables and components, Cyclonis Password Manager provides you our calculation of your Total Strength Score based on a number of factors including the presence of weak, old, reused, and potentially compromised passwords among the ones used in your account. Of course, no matter how carefully an estimation may be performed, and no matter how many factors may be considered in an estimation, any password – complex or otherwise – can be subjected to an attack and be compromised, so make sure you change your passwords regularly.

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Cyclonis Password Manager's Password Generator will guide you through the process of making new, longer and more complex passwords with virtually zero effort or time wasted. The Password Generator can be used to improve the security of your existing accounts and to create new ones. The Password Generator can be configured to create passwords that consist of seemingly random strings of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters, which Cyclonis Password Manager will remember for you so you don't have to write them down or worry about forgetting them.

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