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How to unsecure PDF easily

How to unsecure PDF easily

How to unsecure PDF easily


Imagine that you have downloaded a helpful PDF files, when you try to open it you found that it is secured with a password that you have no idea, or you have a password secured PDF file but unfortunately forgot the password, you need to know how to unsecure a pdf without password safely. Keep reading, you will know 2 ways to unsecure pdf with Google Chrome and offline easily.

Method 1. How to unsecure a pdf file with Google Chrome 

Google Chrome has a feature that is built-in PDF reader and a PDF writer, all of you can combine the two features to remove password from any PDF document, even if it is encrypted with powerful edit password. If you remember the pdf file open password, follow the steps below to unsecure pdf file with Google Chrome.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome, select the secured PDF file into the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Google Chrome will show you a open password of this PDF file. Tap the password then click Enter.


Step 3: Select Print button in pop-up menu bar, Or press Ctrl + P to print the PDF file.


Step 4: Tap “Save as PDF” and click “Save” button.


Method 2. How to unsecure a pdf file with the Best Free Password Manager For Pdf Files 

With this method, you can recover the open PDF password firstly, then input the recovered PDF password to Adobe Acrobat to remove the permission password that you know.

Step 1. Free download and install PDF Password Remover Software, then run the software in your computer.



Step 2. In the open button, drag or select a secured PDF file into the PDF password remover software.

Step3. In Type of attack, select a PDF password removal method, then set details for it. There are Brute-force,Mask and Dictionary Password Attack Type Settings for you to choose, the Brute-Force attack is reference, then set the range and length.


Step4. Click on Start button to recover PDF file open password.


Step 5. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro, copy the recovered PDF password, then open password protected PDF file with it.


Step 6. Click on the Secure, then choose Remove Security. The final step is to type permission password you know, click OK and save PDF file.


If you forgot PDF open password or owner password, PDF Password Remover Software is your best choice in remove or recover the lost PDF password. It supports not only all versions of PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software, but also can recover or unsecure pdf document open passwords effectively in just a few seconds.

Download the free PDF Password Remover Software to have a try.


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