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How to Remove Password from Word/PDF/Excel on Windows 10/8/7/XP

How to Remove Password from Word/PDF/Excel on Windows 10/8/7/XP

How to Remove Password from Word/PDF/Excel on Windows 10/8/7/XP

Are you trying to open some files on your computer that are encrypted, but you don`t know how to decrypt the Word/PDF/Excel on Windows? You may want to know how to remove a password from Microsoft Office files or PDF files on Windows. Then you need to keep reading this article, here you will know how to remove password from files on Windows, whether you know the password or not.

Just take how to remove password from MS Word and PDF files for examples.


Method1.How to remove password from Word files on Windows with password

If you know the password that is used to protect Word document, you just need to type password, stop protection, or remove password protection, and the password of the document would be removed.

For more details about how to remove password from the Word document, you need to follow the routes below. 

First of all, you should open the document and enter the password in the Password box. 

Secondly, click File > Info > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password. 

Thirdly, delete the contents of the Password box. Finally, click "OK", the document password protection would be removed. The newly saved document will be protected with password.

Method2. How to remove password from PDF files on Windows without knowing password

In this case, It does not mean that you can`t read this pdf files anymore. You need to recover the PDF password, then you can remove the password from the PDF. With the third party PDF unlocker,you can easily remove password from PDF files on Windows, even if you don`t know what the password is.

Part1. Find or recover PDF files password with PDF Password Remover Software

Step1. Install and run the PDF password remover software.If your PDF files password contains 3 or less than 3 characters, you can use the free trial.


Step 2: Navigate encrypted PDF file.

Tap Open button to import the pdf file. Then you would see the encrypted pdf file in the Encrypted File box.


Step 3: Choose PDF password attack type and make settings.

Click "Type of attack", choose Brute-Force attack, you need to Set the range and length.


Step 4: Click "Start" button to recover PDF password.

After the program find out the password successfully, you can Copy the password to save or Open imported PDF file.


Part2. Remove a password from a pdf file

1. Right click encrypted PDF file and open it with Adobe Acrobat.

2. Copy and paste PDF password you found in the Password dialog. Click OK.


3. Turn to password button in toolbar, and click it. Choose Remove Security in the drop-down list.          


4. In following message prompt dialog, click OK to make sure to unsecure pdf file.


5. Press Ctrl + S to save PDF file.

Thus, how to remove a password from a pdf is done. In addition, we also have lots tips about the way to unprotect excel. Now you know how to remove assword from Word/PDF/Excel on Windows, it supports Windows 10/8/7/XP.

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