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Recover my yahoo messenger account

Recover my yahoo messenger account

Recover my yahoo messenger account

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular communication social media software. With Yahoo Messenger users can chat, send SMS messages to each other as well as have video conferences. To play Yahoo Messenger, users need to have a Yahoo ID, which also enables you to enjoy other Yahoo services. However, if you forgot Yahoo Messenger Password, you will lose all of your old contracts and e-mails from that account. Before you yell out how to find lost Yahoo messenger password or how to recover Yahoo messenger password, you need to read this article carefully.


Method 1: Recover Yahoo Messenger Password with Official Site

This is the easiest way for you to recover lost Yahoo Messenger password as long as you remember the security question or the email you used it for Yahoo messenger signing up.

Step 1. Log in the Yahoo official site, select "I forgot my password" and click "Next".


Step 2. Input the Yahoo email address and type the verification characters. Click "Next".


Step 3. You need to enter data of birth, country of residence, and the postal code. This information should be the same as what was entered when the email address was created. Click "Next".


Step 4. If you enter the correct prior information, Yahoo will ask for a new password for the yahoo email address. Retype the password for confirmation.

Step 5. Now you recover Yahoo messenger password successfully, you can log into the Yahoo mail account with the password.

Method2. Recover Yahoo messenger password from automatically Saved Passwords on Web Browser

If you don`t remember the security question or information, you can try to recover your lost Yahoo messenger password form the web browser. In addition, if you choose to save your sensitive information in browser like Firefox or Google Chrome, you`d better start firefox in safe mode.

Step 1. Take Google Chrome as an example. Input settings of your Chrome.

Step 2. Select "Show Advanced Setting" in the bottom of the window.


Step 3. Under "Passwords and forms", tap "Manage saved passwords".

Step 4. All the stored passwords in Chrome will show up. Find your Yahoo account then choose "Show" in password tab.

Method3. Recover Yahoo messenger password with the third-party software

Actually, yahoo messenger password is the same as yahoo email password, both of them are the important services of Yahoo account. You can use the third-party software to recover the forgotten Yahoo messenger password. Most of the third-party software for Yahoo messenger password are similar, here I will show you the common steps just for a reference.

Step 1. You need to choose the suitable Password Manager App and install it. Then you need to run this Password Manager App to recover Yahoo Messenger password. Then select "Recover Email and Internet Browser Passwords". 

Step 2. Click on "Internet Password Recovery", then click "Start Recovery", several options will show up in the down-drop list, then you just need to tap "Recover Firefox Password".

Step 3. Find and select your Yahoo Messenger account, then you can do Yahoo Messenger password reset.

These 3 methods are suitable for all of you to recover Yahoo messenger password. If you have other good ideas about how to recover Yahoo messenger password, please leave a comment for letting us know.

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