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How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Login Password

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Login Password

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Login Password

Recovering a forgotten Gmail login password is currently easier than it has ever been. Google itself has taken significant steps to ensure that users don’t get locked out of their accounts.

Firstly, Gmail remembers all of the user’s passwords. When a user can’t seem to be able to log into their account, the first go-to option is for them to try and input an old password. This means that as long as a user remembers a previous password, they can try to recover access to their account.

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If that method proves insufficient, the second option that Google gives its users is to recover their account through a code sent via SMS or a phone call. To elaborate – providing a phone number so that you can be contacted by Google in similar circumstances has been a mandatory step for creating a Gmail account for some time now. A user that can’t remember a past password is given the option to receive a verification code via SMS or by an automated phone call. Said code can then be input to give access to the particular inaccessible Gmail account that the phone number was attached to.

If for some reason the user has no access to their phone – that’s no problem, either. Providing a valid alternative email is also a mandatory step when creating a Gmail account, which means that if the user forgets their password – they can just request that another one is sent to the alternative email. Once they have an access to that, recovering the password becomes trivial indeed.

In case the user wants to try and recover their password in another way, Google has provided them with a means to do so by selecting the approximate date on which the account was created. This means that as long as the user has even a vague idea when the Gmail account was made, there is no chance of said user getting locked out of their own account.

As it quickly becomes obvious when looking at the methods listed above, recovering your Gmail password should not be a problem, provided that the user provided the necessary information upon their registration of the said account. However, even if they didn’t provide a phone number, valid email address and absolutely can’t remember a previous password, they can still try to recover their account based on the date of its creation.

Failing that, there’s always the option for the user to try and contact Google directly, and provide the company with reasonable evidence that this account actually belongs to them. Google employees are usually quick to respond and quite helpful, so this means of recovering a user’s Gmail password should not be discounted.

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