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How to Import Passwords to Cyclonis Password Manager from 1password

How to Import Passwords to Cyclonis Password Manager from 1password

How to Import Passwords to Cyclonis Password Manager from 1password

There are currently two methods of exporting data from 1Password, depending on which version of the product the user has installed on their computer. Regardless of the version of 1password, however, exporting data that can then be imported into Cyclonis Password Manager is easy – to do so, the user should just follow the steps below.

       Export Data From 1Password 6

Step 1: The user should open and log in to 1Password.

Step 2: The user Select the items they want to export. The user may select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key when clicking on various items. It is possible for the user to select all of the items in the list by pressing Ctrl + A.

Step 3. The user should right-click the selected item or items, and then choose the Export option.

Step 4: The user would then be given the option to choose a format in which to export the data. They should choose Comma Delimited Text or ‘.csv’.

Step 5: All that needs doing now is select a folder in which the export file is to be saved, type in a filename of the exported file and click Save.

       Export Data From 1Password 4

Step 1: The user should open 1Password and log into the vault that they want to export.

Step 2: The user should Choose File and then select Export.

Step 3: The user should Choose the Comma Delimited Text or ‘.csv’ format.

Step 4: The user should enter a filename and then finish the export process by clicking Save.

 •       Import data into Cyclonis Password Manager

Step 1: The user should open the Cyclonis Password Manager app and log into their account.

Step 2: The user should select the ‘File’ drop-down menu, then click on the ‘Import/Export’ tab, then select the first option on the new drop-down menu – namely, the one titled ‘Import Passwords.’

CPM import data.png

Step 3: Once the user has clicked ‘Import Passwords’, a file manager menu will then allow them to select any files they may wish to import. The users should select the .csv file they wish to import and OK to finish the import process.

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