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How to import passwords from Chrome to Cyclonis Password Manager

How to import passwords from Chrome to Cyclonis Password Manager

How to import passwords from Chrome to Cyclonis Password Manager

Cyclonis Password Manager is all about saving time and simplifying the way you organize your data. If you have your usernames and passwords saved in Google Chrome, copying and pasting your passwords into your newly created encrypted vault certainly won't save you anytime, which is why Cyclonis Password Manager can do it for you. Here's how.

 If you have saved a lot of passwords with Chrome's built-in password manager, you should seriously consider using the import option. The actual process of saving passwords with Cyclonis Password Manager is anything but complicated, but if you have to do it for, say, 100 passwords, it could take quite a lot of time and effort. That's why you should pay attention to the screens shown by the initial account creation wizard. 

CPM create a new account 1.pngCPM create a new account 1.png

Creating a Cyclonis Password Manager account is, in itself, a pretty simple job. What you need to do is provide an active email address and pick a strong master password. Once you've done that, Cyclonis Password Manager will email you a verification code which you'll need to paste in order to complete the account activation. Next, the wizard will ask you to pick one of the storage options for your personal encrypted vault. You can store it either locally, or with one of the four supported cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive).

CPM storage option.png

The next screen gives you some information on the encryption Cyclonis Password Manager uses to protect your data. Take the time to read through it and click Next to begin the import of your passwords from your browser. 

First Cyclonis Password Manager will ask you if you'd like it to scan your browsers for saved passwords. Click Yes, Start Scan. In a few seconds, Cyclonis Password Manager will show you all the accounts you've saved with Google Chrome and will ask you which of them you'd like to import into your encrypted vault. Simply select the boxes next to the accounts you want to save and click Next to import the passwords to Cyclonis Password Manager. After a few seconds, the usernames and passwords along with their respective login URLs will be successfully saved in your vault, and you will be led to the next screen which lets you install the browser extension on the browsers of your choice.

CPM scan password start.png

When you're done with that, you can view your imported login credentials from the Websites tab in the desktop application and enable the auto-login features for the ones you choose. You can also protect some of them with your master password meaning that you won't be able to use them unless you enter your master password.

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