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Methods to connect dell laptop to wifi/wireless printer

Methods to connect dell laptop to wifi/wireless printer

Methods to connect dell laptop to wifi/wireless printer

I had a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop last year and for some reason neither the wifi nor the cable is working into the laptop. Have you ever encountered the same problem like me? My friend told me that the reason for this usually are: 1. The network drive problem 2. I got a broken modem 3. Closed Wifi searching and broken connecting port.

Next, he asked me did I download something before this problem occurs and how long ago did it last? Sometimes Malware and Viruses can get in PC and corrupt files or even erase them. Here is a method to reinstall the Wireless Card Driver. Before that, you need to prepare Dell Driver CD, Windows reinstallation CD and An Internet Connection.

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1) Find out which Driver you are missing or not installed correctly by comparing to another Window OS computer. Although your Wireless Card maybe not the only problem, still you can download multiple drivers while looking for the Wireless Card.

2) Download your Dell Drivers or put Dell Drivers CD it in the CD Drive in your computer. Then you will be required to choose the drivers you need. In this moment, what you need to do is looking for something like the Dell 1395 WLAN Wireless Mini-Card, the Standard on the Inspirion 1525. Then move to Step 3. 

3) Click on "System" and go to the "Device Manager". A not properly installed device then will be indicated by a yellow exclamation point. This can show USB Devices problems as well as your Network Card(LAN) problem too. It is a routine process to install many devices therefore they are gathered together on the motherboard. The DELL CD will help you through the process.

4) Most importantly, after the driver loaded successfully, you need to access to the Dell Website and download the updates because there is an update for this particular Driver. Then follow the guidelines and download it.

Sometimes there is the same case for wireless printer connection. In workplace, wireless printer is a powerful equiment that allows you and your co-workers to send print jobs without leaving their seats. Helping de-clutter your workspace, a Wi-Fi-capable printer can also keep you free from snaking printer cables. Once your printer is active on your company's wireless network, you can send print jobs by the Print dialog available in most Windows applications.

1. Insert the software installation disc that came with your Dell printer into your computer's optical drive and proceed with the automated installation of the Dell Printer software. Ensure that you install the software on a computer that has access to your company's Wi-Fi network.

2. Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable that came with the device.

3. Click the Start button and click "Programs."

4. Click "Dell Printers" and click "Dell Printer Home."

5. Click the "Settings" tab and click "Wireless Setup Utility."

6. Select your company's wireless network from the list of available networks and click "Continue."

7. Enter your Wi-Fi network access password. If a pop-up dialog appears asking whether you want to allow your Dell software to access your network, click "OK" or "Continue."

8. Disconnect the printer's USB cable when prompted. Devices on your company's Wi-Fi network can now print wirelessly on your Dell printer.

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