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How can you change Gmail account password

How can you change Gmail account password

How can you change Gmail account password

Gmail is a well-known email, which is also a service of Google. Nowadays, most of us have at least one Gmail account. If you need to use Gmail, you need to sign up for it, which means you should create a username, password and security question. What`s more, you have to enter the correct Gmail password and username in order to log in Gmail. However, it will be more safer if you update or change the important information regularly, for example changing Gmail account password. If you find your Gmail account password is too simple, it does not mean that you will lose this Gmail account quickly or you have to sign up for another one, cause you can try to change Gmail account password by following this article.  


Step1. Open the Google page and log in your Google account.

Step2. Enter your Gmail, then tap next.


Step3. Input your Gmail account password, then choose Sign in.


Step4. You need to this page and enter your Gmail account password again.


Step 5. Then your page above will turn to the page below, which means you can change your currently password into another one.


Step6. You need to create a stronger and new Gmail account password, then click CHANGE PASSWORD


Now you have known how can you change Gmail account password. For more convenience, you`d better use the safe mode to save your Gmail account password. If you are using a Firefox, you need to know how to open firefox in safe mode.

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