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How to Burn ISO Image to Bootable USB drive on Windows

How to Burn ISO Image to Bootable USB drive on Windows

How to Burn ISO Image to Bootable USB drive on Windows

If you want to copy and paste an ISO image to the drive, it won`t be cut in the USB. Actually you will need to burn the image firstly. This is why you need an application that can help you with the process. The third party of Rufus is one of the tool applications to create USB bootable with ISO image. Here I will show you a example of how to burn ISO image to bootable USB drive on Windows with Rufus.

First of all, you need to download Rufus on your computer. If you need to achieve Windows 7 password crack or can't recall the password at all, don't worry, windows 7 password recovery will be extremely easy with the help of Windows Password Recovery Software.

Step 1.When you finish the download, locate the file rufus-2.11p.exe on a workable USB and double-click on it, it will run the program straightaway without having to install. In addition, you need to remember that burning any file to the USB drive will format it first, otherwise any existing content on the drive will be erased. 

Step 2. Take and insert the USB drive which you need to burn the ISO image file to. Rufus application can automatically detect all the USB drives that is connected to the computer. Here you can see a screen shot of upon starting the program


Step 3. Choose the desired USB drive from the drop-down labeled as 'Device'. 


Step 4. Do not make any changes to the next three fields, namely 'Partition scheme and target system type, Cluster Size, and File System', 


Step 5. You can select the New Volume Label as well as you can give it the name you like. However, it will not affect anything even if you leave it untouched. 

Step 6. Then you will see several format options under the 'Format Options' section. Most of them could be left alone as the default settings are most appropriate. If you suspect any issues with your USB drive, you can choose 'Check device for bad blocks. Choosing '1 Pass' is feasible. If you feel that your device may have some serious problems, you can choose a bigger number (more passes.)


Step 7. Click on the icon of CD/DVD to locate the target ISO image. When you find the file click on the 'Open' button.

Step 8. The Rufus will now begin to inspect the ISO image you chose in few minutes. If you receive the message that the ISO image is unsupported, it means that the ISO file is not right. You need to find the right ISO image first.

Once the right ISO image has been chosen, below the 'Create a bootable disk using' option, you can see a radio button 'Standard Windows installation'; check it. Then click on the Start button to begin the burning. You will be noticed that all the data on the chosen device will be destroyed. Click on OK to proceed and wait for a while. Once the burning process is complete, a 'DONE' message in the status bar of the application will show up.

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