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How to hack into someone's wifi

How to hack into someone's wifi

How to hack into someone's wifi

Wi-Fi Finder 的图像结果

If you live in the central area of city, you probable get some business keeper neighbors nearby. Spots like Starbucks, McDonald's, or the public library offers free Wifi hotspots and makes it possible for nearby residents to gain access to one of their Wifi. However, it cannot be 100% sure whether there's a Mickey D's or Starbucks next to you or not. Actually, there are numerous mobile apps in stores to help you find free hotspots around your house. How to tell it is truth? You might live right next to one and not even know it. Here are just a few of them:

Free Wi-Fi Finder (Apple)

Free Wi-Fi (Apple)

Free Zone WiFi (Android)

Smart Wifi Scanner (Android)

Some places like airport or hotel charges money for Wi-Fi accounts. The hotspots you find in those places may look free and unsecured, but in point of fact they require login access. It doesn’t metter that you still access to network if you know the way to download Wireshark, which allows you to modify your MAC address. Sometimes you might just be out of range and you can keep moving it nearby until the signal appears. If all else fails, you can get the password by asking one of your neighbors directly for their Wi-Fi password. But if there are no openly free or unprotected Wi-Fi networks around you, here are some other methods you can try out...

Unlike initial apps that help you find free Wi-Fi hotspots around you, now they actually provide you with your neighbor's wireless passwords  for internet, too. It works by terminating a bunch of user-generated data and provides the app holder with that information. Therefore, when someone goes into a free Wi-Fi location and uses the establishment's password (most change passwords on a daily basis), they then upload it to the database, allowing others previously locked out, access to the network. This obviously works better for businesses, but you never know—some unfriendly people might have leaked your neighbor's password to the app, too.

Now, it's free and only available for iOS devices. If you have an Android device, you should consider using this hack that lets you capture nearby passwords in monitor mode.

A lot of us let our friends and family members use our computers and vice versa. Depending on your morality index, finding out their passwords isn't that difficult. Most people use the same password for a lot of their securable information, from email accounts to wireless network passwords.

So, if you happen to live next to selfish family members or have friends as neighbors, next time you're in their place, ask to use their computer for Google or something and take their Wi-Fi password instead. By using a little JavaScript hack, you can reveal previously used passwords in your friend's browser by copy/pasting the code found in this article.


If your friend uses Chrome or Firefox, finding out their passwords may be even easier. All you need to do is look at their saved passwords in the browser, unless they have the option disabled. Using this method could yield a bunch of useful passwords—hopefully one of them works for their wireless router. Click here for more information.


If one of those passwords doesn't work for their Wi-Fi, then if it's a Mac computer, you can try using one of the passwords to access their Keychain. After opening up Keychain Access (found in the Utilities folder in Applications), you can view all of their saved items, but to actually see the passwords, you'll need the administrator password, which could be one of the saved website ones found in their browser.

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