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How do you reset forgotten Gmail password

How do you reset forgotten Gmail password

How do you reset forgotten Gmail password

Since 2014 G-mail available on Android OS mobile phones, it’s more and more convenient to use G-mail anytime everywhere. However, not everyone can understand the pain of losing or forgetting passwords for their logins because some of them are Gmail users no matter worry or not. Once you bother by this nuisance, the team of Gmail always stands with you and help you.

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Sometimes details are important and just a simple action is enough for wrong typing even if what you type is right. While trying to access your Gmail account, please make sure the Capital key is turned off, or you will be told your password is wrong.  In case you forgot your password, Gmail has a series of recovery options to help you.

Gmail Password Recovery:

Way 1: If you are fail to get the access of your Gmail account or forgot your password or couldn’t sign in into your account, visit the site – https://www.google.com/records/healing?service=mail

Select I don’t recognize my password option, then enter your email address and select Proceed. If there is a link between your account and a contact number, the same recovery way can be used too. You may verify by choosing Confirm your id or SMS and then respond to it. With this process, you can make a sign in easily or follow the following steps to recover the password of your Gmail account.

Way2: If you face a problem of signing in into your Gmail account or couldn’t access it, just click on the icon Need Help?  that is below the Password box. Click on the Need Help option, after that it will re-direct you to another page and asks for the last Password you remember. If it fails, it will require you to enter Recovery Email Address that you have set for password recovery. Several minutes later, a 6-digit code is sent to your Recovery Email Address. Enter the verification code. Then you are able to set a new password and then confirm it. 

Reset Gmail Password:

You can just select the option Try a different question when you fail to recall any of the previous passwords of Gmail. After that, the interface will forward to another page to reset the password. In the new page, you will get to see your last two digits of your registered phone number.

You have to pick one from the two listed – Send text message or Get a call to receive the verification code. After making choices between these two options, you will receive the code from your registered mobile phone through call or text message.

Recover Your Account Without Details:

Have you ever imaged that one day you can’t access to your email, phone number or any other option to finish the password recovery or resetting? Don’t worry, Gmail also has a solution for this.

You can still restore the account and use all the features by manually verifying your identity. All you need to do is visit – Google Account Recovery page and enter your email address. Then click Continue. If it requires the last password you remember, just click I don’t know. And then click the option Verify your identity that is located below all other options. Now, you have to answer a series of questions to recover your account. If you can manage them well, you can get back your account.

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