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The best ways to recover forgotten windows 8.1 password

The best ways to recover forgotten windows 8.1 password

The best ways to recover forgotten windows 8.1 password

It is a big trouble if Windows users lost their Windows 8.1 password cause they can`t access to the windows operating system to work or make their life record. In this situation, Windows 8.1 users may need to know how to recover the forgotten Windows 8.1 password urgently. In this article, there are 3 top free ways to reset Windows 8.1 password.

Method1. Recover forgotten Window 8.1 password with reset disk.

If you forgot the password to log in Windows 8.1, reset disk can be the best free Windows 8.1 password recovery option to crack the forgotten password, so it is necessary for Windows 8.1 users to create a windows password reset disk at the very first beginning.

See how to Recover forgotten Window 8.1 password with reset disk below:

Step 1. Insert the previously-created password reset disk to your locked Windows 8.1 PC.

Step 2. When you input the incorrect password on Windows logon screen, the "Reset Password" option will pop up, click it.

Step 3. Follow the steps in "Password Reset Wizard" to reset forgotten Windows 8.1 password. Log on with the new created password.


Method2. Recover forgotten windows 8.1 password Windows 8.1 Password Recovery Utility with CDM. 

If you have share your Windows 8.1 device with others, it is also a good choice for you to recover Windows 8.1 password with another one`s Windows 8.1 password.

Step 1. Logon your Windows 8.1 computer with another user account which has admin privileges.

Step 2. Type in "CDM.EXE" in the search box, press Enter.

Step 3. Then Command screen appears, type in "net user" "user name" "new password", press Enter.

For more details you can click this link for a video: 



Method3. Recover forgotten windows 8.1 password with Windows Password Recovery Software.

Maybe you can watch a video about the operation of this tool firstly:


1. Run Windows Password Recovery Software on accessible computer and insert USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM.

2. Choose what you need to do with Password Genius: Remove Windows administrator and user passwords.

3. Choose appropriate program "Windows Password Recovery" that can solve your problem.

4. Select inserted device, and burn Windows password recovery program into it.

5. Reboot Windows 8.1 computer with administrator.

Tap "Reboot" button and exit removal device from locked computer instantly to make Windows 8.1 restart from hard drive. On Windows 8.1 logon screen, select the administrator you just reset password with Windows Password Genius Advanced. And click "Sign in" button to access computer without password. This is the best result after you forgot Windows 8.1 administrator password.

Here are also 2 video to recover the Windows 8.1 password when you forgot or lost.

For more details about recover Windows 8 password you can refer to Password Recovery For Windows 8.

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