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3 Тips to Export your Saved Passwords from LastPass

3 Тips to Export your Saved Passwords from LastPass

3 Тips to Export your Saved Passwords from LastPass

Sometimes, a user may wish to export their private information from their LastPass account, and gain access to it in another way. There are a few ways of doing that.

The first and probably – easiest method for exporting information from Lastpass starts with the user first opening LastPass. Once there, the user should select More Options, then open Advanced, and finally Export. This will allow the user to export their usernames and passwords to a comma separated value file – a .csv extension file.

Another option is exporting the user’s account and password information to an encrypted file, which can then be decrypted via LastPass Pocket. Users that can’t seem to access this function should make sure that they already have the binary component of LastPass installed on the device in question.

It is also possible for a user to export account names and passwords directly from their Online Vault at https://lastpass.com/. Doing so will cause the user’s browser to open a tab displaying the user’s data in plain text. Users that wish to do so may then copy and paste this data into a text file (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Drive or Notepad). Users that wish to make this information usable to LastPass should save the resulting file as a ".csv" file. Additionally, when using Notepad or another software that may break the text’s formatting, it is advisable for users to change the encoding to "Unicode" (as opposed to ANSII) before saving their exported account names and passwords.

Users who wish to view information exported in this way in Excel should launch Excel and then proceed to open the document saved as a ‘.csv’. This may take the user through a formatting wizard, which will prompt the user for specific details. If asked, the user should select the option for the file to be "comma, delimited". Doing so should allow Excel to properly load the exported file.

If you want to export your LastPass data to Cyclonis Password Manager, that’s much easier. You need to export the data from LastPass following the steps mentioned above and save them in a .csv file. Then you should open Cyclonis Password Manager>File>Import/Export>select Import LastPass data. It’s easy and fast.

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