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Тips Тo Reset The Forgotten Passwords

Тips Тo Reset The Forgotten Passwords

Тips Тo Reset The Forgotten Passwords

Unfortunately, we can't decrypt or even access your private vault without your master password. The sturdy AES-256 bit encryption makes it impossible to brute force your way into a Cyclonis Password Manager vault without the master password. This is why it's incredibly important that you remember the master password at all times. 

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Seriously, I cannot stress how critical it is that you never lose your master password. If you ever lose your current master password, then there's much our staff can do to decrypt your information, because even we at Cyclonis doesn't have full access to the encrypted user vaults. Write down your master password if you have to, but make sure to keep it in a safe location. Cyclonis Password Manager doesn't transmit or store your master password anywhere on our servers, so we cannot access your secure vault, and we have no way to restore your lost master password. Please, be careful and make sure you never forget your master password.

You might even have to remember your previous master password if you are changing it to a new password one for a brief period of time. If your secure data is stored in local vaults instead of a cloud you might be required to enter both passwords on all synced devices. Make sure you keep your old passwords until all of your devices have been updated with the new password. This can be avoided by using cloud storage instead of local vaults.

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